Among the most popular weight loss supplements today is Capsiplex weight loss pills. Since its release in the market, it has received positive reviews from its users. Over fifty thousand bottles of Capsiplex had been sold within three days of its release. Because of its success, the creator of Capsiplex, Advanced Health Limited, came up with Capsiplex Plus. This is the newer and better version of the Capsiplex and it is said to be more efficient when it comes to fat burning.

How Does Capsiplex Work?

The main components of this popular weight loss pill are Capsicum and Piperine. We all know that Capsicum, or pepper, can increase a person’s body temperature when eaten.
Piperine has thermo genic properties as well. When combined and ingested, these two Capsiplex ingredients will make you perspire heavily, making the heart thump faster than the normal rate. It also claims to increase metabolism, resulting in a more energetic person. When we feel energized, we can do a lot of activities and that helps us to burn calories.

The Capsiplex Plus, a more effective weight loss capsule, contains 5-HTP. It is a new ingredient that helps to elevate the mood and improve the alertness of a person. This also plays a part in increasing the body’s energy level. The Capsiplex capsule burns fat through thermogenesis while an individual engages in his or her regular activities.
In addition, it can help control appetite, this is another one of the Capsiplex benefits. Many that have tested the product commented that they have seen a reduction in their appetite, even if it’s just a slight difference.
In general, Capsiplex has proven to be an effective diet capsule. Its spicy components can really help burn those extra body fats. Results have been noted in the first week of its use, especially when it is coupled with proper exercise and healthy diet. When you take Capsiplex Plus, you can lose 278 calories in just a day.

Capsiplex Ingredients

• Piperine: This is an ingredient that possesses very strong thermo genic properties. It has been shown in studies to prevent the forming of new fat cells and is regarded as a treatment for pain, inflammation, digestion troubles, and other health concerns.
• Capsicum Extract: More commonly known as cayenne pepper, Capsicum contains carotenoids that have an antioxidant effect. Capsicum has been known to provide numerous health benefits including improvement of blood circulation, lowering bad cholesterol, and decreasing blood pressure. Its thermo genic properties help a person lose fat and provide relief for muscle pain and colds.
• Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine Anhydrous simply means caffeine with a decreased amount of water. It can increase endurance, alertness, and concentration. It also helps in the fat burning process and at the same time acts as an appetite suppressant.
• Niacin: Also known as Vitamin B, Niacin aids in the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose. Vitamin B also plays a huge role in the regulation of metabolism.
• 5-HTP and Bioperine: These two are found in Capsiplex Plus and both ingredients play a very important role in helping the body to absorb the other ingredients faster. 5-HTP and Bioperine also betters your mood and improves your quality of sleep. Serotonin which can be found in 5-HTP can help a person feel good, thus aiding the attempts to lose weight.

Capsiplex Side Effects

Capsiplex is prepared using natural ingredients and so it is one of the safest diet supplements. Nonetheless, people who have used the Capsiplex have talked about some discomfort that they felt when they took this diet pill. Due to the caffeine, Capsicum, and Piperine, a warming effect can be felt all throughout the body. In some cases, users of the product have developed insomnia and have felt irritable and nervous.
Individuals that have tried Capsiplex, but were not used to Chili, have complained of chest pains, stomachache, bowel problems, hyperactivity, and hot sweats. These Capsiplex side-effects are the same as the side effects can sometimes be felt when a person eats chili.
In the newer product, Capsiplex Plus, these symptoms have been lessened with the addition of the two new ingredients. Also, the “beadlet“ design of the new Capsiplex Plus allows the body to absorb Capsicum faster and to reduce its side-effects.
If you are wondering is Capsiplex safe, then the answer is yes it is.


On the whole, Capsiplex and Capsiplex Plus have got positive reviews from most users and in most studies. There are numerous slimming pills out there, but Capsiplex has proven to be an effective fat burner. It works best for burning fat from the body and not so much as a suppressant of appetite or a fat blocker.
Capsiplex produces fast and noticeable results in just a week. For those who desire to lose all their extra weight and burn off unsightly fat, Capsiplex is great at fat burning.
Capsiplex can have some side-effects on people who are not fond of hot peppers and do not eat Chili regularly. But it works with no problem for most people. Try the Capsiplex Plus to reduce any side-effects that can be seen from Capsiplex. The new Capsiplex Plus also works faster and more efficiently in burning the unwanted body fat.
Capsiplex is one of the most effective weight loss pills that is also very affordable in price. You can buy Capsiplex capsules online and get a 30-day supply.  Click the link below to check out the Capsiplex price. It’s a wonderful investment and your money won’t be wasted unlike with some other diet pills that claim fast weight loss in a short period of time but fail to produce the results that they are bragging about.

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